Are you trying to reduce or eliminate single-use plastics from your life? The East End Food Co-op can help you on your journey! We provide many packaging-free alternatives and zero-waste shopping options.

Bring your own jars and shop in our Bulk Department. Not only does shopping in bulk save you money (up to 80% off the same packaged products found in the grocery aisle), but it helps reduce the use of packaging as well. Simply weigh your empty container on our scale before filling it with your favorite items. We have hundreds of bulk food and herbs to choose from to stock your pantry! Learn more about our bulk department here. Looking for reusable jars, containers, straws, beeswax wrap, and silicone bags? We’ve got an entire collection for you to shop at the end of aisle 6.

Shop with reusable bags and mugs. We’ll give you a 10 cent credit for each reusable shopping bag you use and a 10 cent credit when you bring your own container for your juice, smoothie, or coffee from the Cafe. The East End Food Co-op discontinued the use of plastic bags at the check-out 11 years ago, and in 2019 we replaced plastic produce bags with compostable bags.

Select products packaged in reusable or returnable containers. You can purchase milk, kombucha, and 5 gallon water jugs in reusable and returnable containers! When you purchase milk or 5 gallon jugs of water, you will pay a bottle deposit. Return your used bottle at customer service and you will get the deposit back. Kombucha is sold on-tap in the bulk department. Buy a 16 oz glass jar or 64 oz glass growler to use again and again.

When you shop at the co-op, you are supporting a store committed to sustainability. It is part of our triple bottom line business practice of people, planet, profit and our commitment to reduce, reuse, and recycle. We prioritize locally-sourced, organically-grown, and sustainably-produced products. We have been composting 100% of our food scrapes for over a decade. All of our takeout containers, straws, cups, and single-use utensils are compostable, and we work with our regional waste hauler Zero Waste Wrangler to ensure these items make it to a commercial composting facility. We currently have an 84% waste diversion rate and have a goal to reach 92% waste diversion over the next 18 months. You can read more about our waste audit here.

Do you have more questions about how to shop more sustainably? Just ask one of our friendly staff members for help. We are always happy to educate consumers on this important lifestyle choice. And keep your eye on our events page for zero-waste shopping demos.