Reap the financial and environmental rewards of embracing shopping habits that eliminate the need for single-use plastic by shopping in the bulk department. Bring your own containers (or use one of ours) to buy as little or as much as you like! Whether it’s a pinch or a pound, you’ll find everything you need to stock your pantry including rice, grains, flour, sugar, herbs, spices, and so much more!

Shopping in bulk is easy! Just follow these simple steps:

  • Grab a container and a sticker.
  • If you brought your own jar, weigh it empty. This is the tare weight. Please make a note of it on your jar.
  • Fill your container and label it with the PLU number located on the bin next to the product name.
  • Take your container to check out. A cashier will weigh it at the register.
  • Enjoy the satisfaction of getting a great deal on fresh, delicious food without the unnecessary packaging.

Check out these great bulk recipes!

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