Meet the Owners – Staycee & Herman Pearl

Meet the Owners – Staycee & Herman Pearl

Staycee & Herman Pearl
Staycee & Herman PearlMembers since 2000 & 1986
Where do you live?
Staycee (S): We just moved to Shadyside around New Year’s.
Herman (H): Before that we lived in Wilkinsburg. I was there for 20+ years, and Staycee moved in about 10 or 11 years ago.

How long have you been members?
H: I was on the family membership with my folks since the Co-op moved to this location. Then, at some point in the nineties, I got my own, but I refunded to share a membership with Staycee.
S: When I moved to Pittsburgh in 2000, the Co-op was literally the first place I came to after my friend’s place where I was staying. I came straight here on my second day in town, and I was a member within a month.

What was your motivation for coming to and/or joining the Co-op?
S: I am an avid healthy eater. I was vegan, mostly raw, when I moved here. Wherever you go, you find that place where you know you can get the healthy food you need. Instantly, the Co-op was that place for me. I had worked at two co-ops before in other cities.

What do you LOVE and hope will never change about the Co-op?
H: You!
S: Yes, the long-term staff are all amazing people!
Any interesting stories you’d like to share from your experiences at the Co-op?
H: My folks were partners in developing this building back in 1985, and they had their business upstairs, so this was home away from home for me. I remember when the Co-op space was about 1/3 what it is now, and there were batting cages and putt-putt golf where HBA is now!
S: I remember when this seating area was like a big play-pen, and people would leave their kids in here to play while they shopped!

How would you describe your lifestyle, and how does the Co-op fit in?
H: We make music, art, and dance in our studios across the street, PearlArts Dance & Tuff Sound Recording.
S: The Co-op is a staple for us. One, if not both of us, is here every day of the week. We know we can get what we need to stay healthy. It would be really hard not to have the Co-op.

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